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Gwalia's Gold Launch Weekend
On the 17th & 18th of November 2018 We celebrated $3.3million dollars worth of upgrades to the Gwalia Historical Precinct

Gwalia Museum Precinct is open
Hoover House, the old Mine Office and Assay building are open for visitors to view and wander though.


Getting Involved

Be involved

The Gwalia Ghost Town & Museum welcomes your interest in our ongoing work to preserve and interpret the fascinating history of Gwalia.

Tell your story

People are eternally interested in other people – and the stories of Gwalia’s characters have fascinated visitors for decades. Are you a former resident of Gwalia? Did you ever work on the Sons of Gwalia Mine? Do you have family connections to Gwalia? We would love to add your story to the Museum’s collection of oral and written history, so please contact us:

Phone/Fax 08 9037 7122
Mobile 0419 958 199


All financial donations are welcome and are used for the conservation of the cottages and objects, interpretation of the collection and identified projects.

If you are interested in donating items relating to the Gwalia Ghost Town or the Sons of Gwalia Mine please click the link below for the collections policy. Please note that there are procedures for accepting or declining items.

PDF Gwalia Collection Policy 2012 (PDF 273 KB)


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Friends of Gwalia

In 2012, the Gwalia Reference Group recommended the re-establishment of a Friends of Gwalia group as a support base for activities at Gwalia. The purpose of the Friends of Gwalia is to support the aims of Gwalia Ghost Town & Museum, generate interest in Gwalia and help fund small projects identified by the Gwalia Reference Group.

It is hoped to form a local network from which to draw assistance for busy bees, events and the like. The Friends Group is also a means by which those associated with Gwalia and Leonora, but who live outside the region, can support the Shire of Leonora and the community in maintaining Gwalia as a museum and tourist attraction. There may also be projects that supporters would like to be involved in.

Funds generated through the Friends of Gwalia will remain separate from other Shire funds and will be used for specific targets set by the Reference Group each year. The target for 2012/13 was a weekend event on 28 & 29 September 2013 to mark the 50th anniversary of the closure of the Sons of Gwalia Mine.

Your assistance in supporting Gwalia Ghost Town & Museum through an annual subscription to Friends of Gwalia will be greatly appreciated. Annual subscription fees are just $20.00 per person (including GST), renewable each July.

Subscribers will receive a quarterly newsletter, updates of important events and the satisfaction of knowing that they are supporting Gwalia Ghost Town & Museum.

PDF Friends of Gwalia Subscription form


If you are interested in donating items relating to the Gwalia Ghost Town or the Sons of Gwalia Mine please click the link below for the collections policy. Please note that there are procedures for accepting or declining items.

PDF Gwalia Collection Policy 2012 (PDF 273 KB)


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