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Gwalia's Gold Launch Weekend
On the 17th & 18th of November 2018 We celebrated $3.3million dollars worth of upgrades to the Gwalia Historical Precinct

Gwalia Museum Precinct is open
Hoover House, the old Mine Office and Assay building are open for visitors to view and wander though.


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Gwalia Buildings

The buildings of Gwalia evoke the heady days of the Western Australian gold rush. There are the hessian, timber and iron cottages, the mine buildings, the impressive State Hotel and Hoover House, and the mine manager’s house designed and commissioned by Herbert Hoover.

The Sons of Gwalia, at the time one of Australia’s major underground gold mines, provided work for hundreds of people including a large number of Italian and Yugoslav immigrants. The miners erected dwellings in Gwalia from 1898 to be within walking distance of their work . 

Gwalia also boasts Western Australia's first Government-owned hotel (1903), the State's first regional passenger tramway (1903) and one of the Goldfields’ first public swimming pools (1943). The State school was gazetted in 1899.

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