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Gwalia's Gold Launch Weekend
On the 17th & 18th of November 2018 We celebrated $3.3million dollars worth of upgrades to the Gwalia Historical Precinct

Gwalia Museum Precinct is open
Hoover House, the old Mine Office and Assay building are open for visitors to view and wander though.


Historical Collections

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Large Objects

Timber Incline Headframe

Sons of Gwalia Headframe

The headframe is the only surviving large timber incline headframe in Australia and one of very few timber headframes of any size from the 19th century still in existence world-wide.

Steam Winder

The 1912 Fraser and Chalmers winder is the largest of its type in Australia and one of only three remaining in the world.

Passenger Tram

Woodline Train Enigne

Mine Level Model

The timber, brass and glass mine level model, constructed in London circa 1938, is the only remaining mine model depicting the workings of the Sons of Gwalia Mine. The model comprises thirty-four horizontal glass panels with hand painted lettering, each depicting an underground level of workings of the Sons of Gwalia Mine. 

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