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Gwalia's Gold Launch Weekend
On the 17th & 18th of November 2018 We celebrated $3.3million dollars worth of upgrades to the Gwalia Historical Precinct

Gwalia Museum Precinct is open
Hoover House, the old Mine Office and Assay building are open for visitors to view and wander though.


History of Gwalia

The Mine and Gwalia Settlement Gold is Discovered Hoover takes the lead Gwalia Grows Boom to Bust Gwalia Timeline 


Gold is discovered

The 1896 exploration expedition mounted by Coolgardie prospectors Jack Carlson, Frank White and A. Glendinning was financed by Coolgardie storekeeper brothers Thomas and Ernest Tobias. Lease 190C was registered in the name of Thomas Tobias who named it Sons of Gwalia in honour of his Welsh heritage – Gwalia is an old name for Wales. 

The following year the syndicate sold the lease to G.W. Hall for £5000 cash and a company, Sons of Gwalia Ltd, was established. Hall erected a second-hand 10-stamp battery and by June the mine employed 110 men, whose tents and corrugated iron and hessian cottages sprang up around the mine workings. Hall recouped his entire investment in the first month.

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