Gwalia Museum Precinct is open

Published on Wednesday, 9 June 2021 at 12:44:00 PM

Hoover House, the old Mine Office and Assay building are open for visitors to view and wander though.

Comprehensive building work was done to the old Mine Office while the Assay building required basic maintenance work. Both buildings have been repainted given it a fresh look. Visitors can take their time and view the exhibitions in both these buildings.

Hoover House required works which included the replacement of the roof; repairs/replacement to timber elements such as the balustrades, picket fencing, fly screens and steps. Masonry work was done to the base of the fence and old water tank and the kitchen chimney needed major repairs to stabilise the brickwork.

The exterior brick work to the southern façade of the house was in urgent need of major conservation work as the brickwork was brittle and crumbling.   After repairs a meticulous and suburb paint job to the exteriors brickwork gave the former mine manager’s house a new lease on life. Painting work is still in progress to the eastern and northern facades of the house. Painting finishing touches to the interior of the house is currently underway and painting to the gutters, fascia and downpipes has commenced.

The house is beautifully decorated and the new curtains in period colours and fabrics enhances the ambiance of this former mine manager’s house which has seen many important and influential people thorugh it doors since 1899.

Estimated completion of all works to Hoover House is the end of June 2018.

Please note that Hoover House B&B functions again and the café is open 10am-3pm. Bed & breakfast bookings can be made by calling (08) 9037 7122 or email

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